VOLVIENDO (returning) is a project of 8 videos. This work is based on a slow progression of inter-related marks designed for a wrap around room environment. Vertical linear forms appear and vanish slowly creating a sense of haunting stillness.

“in the shifting time of feeble twilight” when ”the heart dissolves in its own unknown territories” Pablo Neruda

CANTOS (songs) is a set of 10 video compositions. Their song-like qualities explore the interaction of color areas variously interacting with the linear video marks. Each piece presents a sense of search and discovery. Soft colors become vibrant in the latter CANTOS.

These pieces are of various length (#1 is only 3:30 minutes long whereas #8 is 9:30 minutes long). This group is designed to be displayed on 10 flat screen monitors arranged on stands in a broad circle or all facing forward in one room. Because of the various length of each composition the relationship of one to all will keep changing as each individual video repeats. This arrangement creates an opportunity for a walking meditation as a viewer is encourage to go from one to the other of these silent songs.

RAYOS Because of their linearity and the movement within them the marks in my videos often give a sense of a Being. In this work the marks are varied and of different lengths. They bounce and dance across the screen to finally arrange themselves into eloquent groups which I think of as family portraits. The laughter of children will be heard in the background.