Marsia Alexander-Clarke was born and raised in Valparaiso, Chile, and came to the United States to attend high school in 1952. She received her B.A. from Park College, Kansas City, Kansas, in 1962, after which she traveled to New York City to further her studies in art. In 1970 she came to California where she spent time developing her painting.

From 1972 to 1974, Alexander-Clarke attended Claremont Graduate School, during which time her high relief paintings on paper gradually became three-dimensional. Marsia received her M.F.A. in February 1974. A year later she was accepted at McDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire, for a two-month scholarship residency. Upon her return to California, Alexander-Clarke continued developing her sculptures, which she exhibited extensively in California and nationally.

In the late 1980’s, she attended video art and poetry workshops taught by Nancy Buchanan, and was an active participant in Studio X productions at the Pasadena Community Access Corporation in Pasadena, California. Since then she has worked with video as her primary medium. In the1980’s Marsia travelled extensively with her partner and later husband, in wilderness areas of Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and also Chile and Argentina. These travels have greatly influenced her work.

In 2001, she received an Individual Artist Grant from the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division and the Pasadena Arts Commission for her choral video installation, 6 in 1 to 64 CHOIR, which was exhibited in 2001 in the New Works, New Spaces exhibit at the re-opening of the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California.