two video installations


"STRETCHING was exhibited at El Camino College, Torrance, California in 1998 and also at the California Museum of Photography, in Riverside California in1999.

This is a work based on a family's experience with Huntington's disease. Excerpts from interviews of four family members appeared on four monitors overlaid with a scrolling text from the Book of Job. Above, Jan appeared with her expressive, frightened face in constant movement. In the center of the room, four monitors on the floor, facing upwards, displayed the full length of a woman, overlaid with flowing river water. Occasionally Jan's face, or the body of a floating child would appear through the woman's body. Across the room a small monitor displayed a woman's head chanting a "Blessed are" chant, to the rhythm and intonation of the Beatitudes. 12:00
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VOICES was a work presented at Century gallery in Sylmar, California in 1999 and also at the Palos Verdes Art Center in Palos Verdes, California in 2000. VOICES was a video installation presented on four monitors.        22:00

VOICES was my first experiment with spoken language as a source for a choral sound track. This work portrays close up faces of women speaking of their experiences with immigration. Only essential phrases were chosen and each woman spoke on four monitors at once, each monitor slightly off-phase from the previous one. Each woman's voice, expressiveness and head movement contrasted significantly from the others, creating a distinctive musicality in four blocks of time.

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